Back in the day, it was simple. You purchased a car or a home and you made an appointment or wandered into your local, corner, Insurance Office.  The agent was usually a local resident who you knew from church, or little league and you would discuss the local school budget while he researched the perfect policy for you.

These days, consumers have a multitude of choices when it comes to insurance … Internet, phone, big box and agency. Some would say that the brick and mortar community insurance agencies are an antiquated concept. I would argue that independent insurance agencies are ever lasting and vital to the insurance industry and all policyholders. We offer benefits that no Internet Company could come close to providing. Here are four benefits:

1. The Personal Touch:  To the agency, you are not a number, you are our neighbor. Sitting with our clients, discussing their individual needs, gauging what policy and provider is correct for their specific requirements is the bonus customers receive from a community-based agency. We take the time.

2. Client Advocacy:  Hopefully you will never have a claim, but sometimes accidents happen and you may have to go through the insurance claim process. This is where local insurance agencies show their true strength. We are your advocates and guides through the process. Accidents can be emotional and stressful; we are the cool, calm and collected professional that will contact the carrier, on your behalf. We will refer you to restoration companies and body shops that will have you back on your feet. And if there are any problems, we are there to advocate and fight for our clients.

3. Varied Insurance Expertise: Small business, agriculture, cyber-liability, high-value homes, classic cars, these niches are independent insurance agents expertise. Our staff members all have their individual areas of proficiency. You cannot get that level of in-depth, specialized knowledge from the Internet.

4. Multiple Relationships: Most agencies have relationship with multiple insurance carriers. WRG has over 100 insurance carriers in our portfolio.  This allows agencies to find the best rate as well as the best policy. With many online insurance providers you are not getting extensive comparative rates. One provider, one rate.

In this stressful ”not enough time” society, online insurance companies can be a quick fix for obtaining insurance. But Main Street Insurance Agencies are still the best choice if you are looking for a comparative rate; that covers “all” of your needs; that will “have your back” if you should ever have to file a claim, and has extensive knowledge of all niches and specializations of insurance.