One of the exciting aspects of going on vacation is the thrill and joy of sharing it with other people.  Riding a Cable Car in San Francisco, standing at the top of the Empire State Building, climbing through the Grand Canyon … who doesn’t want to post “their excitement” immediately to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram? But Computer Security Experts warn against, what seems to most people, to be such a harmless practice.

1.     “Enjoying a Yummy Lobster Tail at the Shell Shake in Maine.  Wish you were here!” – This simple status update on Facebook immediately signals to crooks that you are away from home, and targets your house for possible looting. If a Facebook Friend “likes” your status it is possible that that information will be shared on someone’s Newsfeed, enabling them to see your home is unguarded.

2.     “The skies the limit! Nancy Smith and Jennifer Jones Para-sailing!”  - At Red Sail Sports. Cape May, NJ  – Posting photos of yourself, tagging a friend and allowing Facebook to post your present location through “GeoTagging” is also not a good idea. Now strangers and stalkers know exactly where you are at the current moment.

3.     “Aloha! Heading out to Hawaii on Thursday” – Lastly it is also not a good idea to let friends know about your upcoming vacation, getaway and travel plans. It is an open invitation for thieves, criminals and creeps know where you are, when you are leaving and possibly break into your house, or come after you.

We hope you will consider the possible consequences of what may seem like a harmless Facebook or Twitter post “BEFORE” updating your status on social media.

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