Privacy is not for the passive. — Jeffrey Rosen.

If you Google the term “Cyber Liability” you will receive 1,060,000 results in less than a second. Millions of websites, news, videos and even political cartoons and comics, show businessman swimming in a sea of terminology and double-talk. 

It is not just the “everyman” that is searching for clarity. From corporate C.E.O.’s to Main Street Business owners all are digesting misinformation and seeking someone who helps them …  simply understand. And then provide the answers. 

We are here for you …

    What is
    Cyber Liability Insurance? This type of policy deals with risks associated with the capturing and keeping of customer information. (Specifically e-business and commerce, the Internet, networks, informational assets.)
  • What does Cyber Liability Insurance do? It covers and protects you against vulnerability and exposures arising out of Internet and Point of Sale communications with clients/customers.
  • Why would I need Cyber Liability Insurance?  If you have customers, you probably need some form of cyber lability insurance.  Protection of customer privacy and individual data is a business responsibility. It is your obligation to safeguard and secure all customer data financial and personal.  In addition, much of businesses internal data (Accounting, Human Resources, M.I.S., Financial, Legal even E-Mail) are often housed in computer systems that reside on servers and in “Clouds” that are susceptible to computer breaches.
  • Doesn’t my existing Business policies cover this issue already? The typical business insurance policy only covers so-called "tangible" assets and electronic data is not considered tangible under the typical policy definition. Cyber liability insurance fills that gap. As the number of risks has increased and as the networked world becomes more complex, so have cyber liability policies.
  • But my firewall is fantastic! I doubt that I am at risk! Target, Neiman-Marcus, Michaels Arts & Crafts, Yahoo, Mail, AT&T, eBay, P.F. Chang’s, UPS, Home Depot, Google, Apple iCloud, Dairy Queen, and J.P. Morgan Chase are just a sampling of the companies that have had cyber breaches in 2014. And those are just the companies that have been revealed to the public. Many small business breaches are not reported by the press, not reported by the business, or not even known by the business that has been breached.
  • But I don’t use any online or cloud services ? I still keep paper.  Did you know that “Paper” can be a covered media ? Paper files are no more safe than digital.  Paper can vanish without anyone knowing, and many businesses do not have a formal shredding and purging procedure.  As a result some carriers actually exclude, or do not include coverage for paper. 

In a nutshell… Cyber Liability coverage is insurance coverage for liability that arises out of unauthorized use of or unauthorized access to electronic data or software within your network or business.

Do you have any customer information ?

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