Sometimes it is good to quickly talk about a topic. So here are a few short and sweet thoughts to get your mental juices flowing. 

How many people think that Cyber liability is just about something Cyber.. like computers. ?  Cyber Liability is probably not the best way to "Title" the type of coverages that could be available.   For example your "Data" could be paper files. Not what you though about cyber right ?

Critical infrastructure, Personal Info, your Reputation, Regulatory responsibilities (state and federal rules) are all considerations when trying to understand  what you are trying to protect, or have some money for claims, defense costs and regulatory fines,  should you be involved.  

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I have customers ? If Yes, well that means you need to look into managing your risk

2. Do I work with or engage with any one of the critical infrastructures as defined by the US Govt ? If Yes, you need to research.

3. Do I really know what cyber liability could cover and why it exists ? If NO then take some time on our website @ or visit

All food for thought.  Take time to think about this growing risk, and good luck :-)