Assisting you, our clients, before, during and after a catastrophe is one of the most valuable services we, as an insurance agency, can offer you.  September is national preparedness month.  Our team at Warwick Resource Group Insurance wants to make sure you and your family are prepared...

Therefore, we have developed a Disaster Emergency Center on our Digital Insurance Office website.  You can visit our Disaster Center by clicking here, and sign up to receive alerts and other important information related to natural disasters, winter storms, etc.

As we well know, NY and NJ are not immune to flooding. Heading into the heart of hurricane season, Warwick Resource Group wants to make sure you have the protection you need to weather the storm season.

Did you know that flood protection is not covered in your homeowners and/or commercial property insurance policy? A lot of consumers are not aware that their policy covering their property, does not cover for flood. According to Wikipedia, only 20% of American homes at risk for flood are covered for flood insurance.  

Floods can be brought on by any number of different natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, and yes, even earthquakes.  Flooding can cause catastrophic damage to your home, business, and neighborhood.  Most consumers are completely unaware that their homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage. We, at Warwick Resource, are on a mission to make sure all consumers are aware and prepared.