Ahhhh Spring! Finally, the snow and salt are gone, the car has been washed and waxed and after weeks of Netflix marathons, you are ready to head out to the open road.  You cannot wait to push the accelerator, tune into your favorite songs and feel the wind in your hair.

Watch out! Beware the big orange cone!

Spring means many things, the robins return, the ice cream shops re-open and road crews are blocking lanes. It is a necessary evil. Winter can be brutal with potholes popping up, corrosion of overpasses and bridges, and erosion in safety lanes. The roadways need to be fixed for your safety and mine and many road crews put their lives in your hands when they step out onto the asphalt.

But on a recent trip, I happened to notice that many drivers are ignoring or forgetting some of the rules, regulations, laws and common sense learning that coincides with “sharing the road.”

So, a quick refresher on road safety inside and outside of work zones:

*THE PROBLEM OF POT HOLES: Just a few inches of depth in a pot hole can quickly or slowly destroy your vehicle. They can lead to tire puncture, wear or damage, misalignment of your steering system, Damage to wheel rims or your engine. Usually you do not see a pothole until it looms in front of the hood of your car. Spring is pothole time after the winter storms so please slow down a bit, give your car the ability to absorb the shock if you hit a large bump. Also, road crews who fill pot holes generally travel slowly along a highway. They fix and move on to the next one. So please slow down when you see a work detail crawling along.

*CONSTRUCTION DIRT AND DEBRIS: Road work may leave roads uneven and full of dirt and debris. These hazards can cause additional problems for motorists, especially if construction crews fail to post appropriate signage warning drivers of the additional hazards. A car or motorcycle can get into real trouble very quickly on a skid, so please be cautious.

*PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK: Depending on the State you are traveling through, it is possible to lose your license if you are caught speeding through a work-zone. It is dangerous for them and for you, the driver. Large construction equipment and trucks can dart out onto the highway anytime. I have witnessed a Nissan slam into the side of a dump truck that pulled out onto a travel lane on Route 17 in Sloatsburg. So please for everyone’s safety, be diligent, alert and obey the posted speed limit.

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