The stories have made headlines over the past year., “Former Boston Uber driver sentenced for rape.” There is a website dedicated to reporting Uber and Lyft alleged assaults against women ( . That site lists dozens of incidents from around the country of robberies, attacks, misdemeanors and felonies between Ride for Hire drivers and female passengers. It is getting to the point where women are shying away from using the service in fear that they really have no idea who is behind the wheel of the vehicle they are driving in.

Enter, “Chariot for Women”, “Safe Her” and “See Jane Go” just a handful of new ridesharing services that have been created recently to appeal to women only and create a comfortable and safe environment and experience for women who need car service.

The ridesharing services work exactly the same as Uber or Lyft. Drivers and passengers register on the website or via a phone app. After a certification and training process, drivers are allowed to pick up passengers, who hail and pay through the app. 

In Massachusetts, “Chariot for Women” hires only female drivers. The founder Michael Pelletz stated that after being employed as an Uber driver for 8 months, he decided he needed to create this service after seeing what transpires late in the evenings as he was traveling around Boston. He remarked, that there is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing that the person behind the wheel driving you, is competent, safe and has good intentions.

In California, “See Jane Go”, hopes to make the fear of getting into the car driven by the stranger, a relic of the past. Creator, Kimberly Toonen also sees the flipside of the issue, where many women will not become drivers for rideshare companies because they have encountered abusive male passengers. She wants to empower women to not only enjoy her service but to build their own business by becoming drivers and mentors. They actually have long-term equity in becoming a See Jane Go employee.

Everyone has the right to clean, hassle-free transportation options. Female ridesharing companies are a great solution for women who just want to get from here to there, safely.