I remember my Uncle giving me advice around the Thanksgiving table when I was on the brink of my 17th Birthday.  “Red is bad”, He stated. “Never, every buy a red sports car. You will be swimming in tickets.” That was always the rumor back in the day. Police officers looked to ticket cars that were painted red. They assumed that “red” meant “hot rod, speed demon, and lead foot." That assumption has been dis-proven over the years.

But, according to a recent study published at, yourmechanic.com,  there does seem to be a correlation between automobile make and model and odds of receiving a ticket for a moving violation. According to a recent survey of 323,000 drivers ticketed for moving violations: running a red light, driving at night without headlights, illegal turns, illegal parking, running a stop sign or speeding, the two makes and models that received the most tickets were the Lexus ES 300 and the Nissan 350Z, with almost  ⅓ of drivers (or 107,666) ticketed.

 To round out the top ten:

·      Volkswagen Jetta Gl – 31.4% of owners

·      Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/LT – 30.8% of owners

·      Mazda 3S – 30.3% of owners

·      Volkswagen GTI – 30.3% of owners

·      Dodge Stratus SXT – 30.2% of owners

·      Acura – 3.0S/Cl – 30.1% of owners

·      Toyota Tacoma – 30.1% of owners.

The top LEAST ticketed cars:

·      Buick Encore

·      Lexus IS350

·      Acura ILX

·      Cadillac ATS

·      Chevrolet Express

·      Cadillac Escalade

·      GMC Savana

·      Audi A3 2 Series

·      BMW 3201

·      Land Rover – Range Rover

Obviously it is the driver, not the auto that earns the ticket. But many of the cars listed in the top 10 are known for their compact stylishness. And it is rather interesting to see the correlation between hazardous drivers and the cars they choose to own.

What is also interesting is the misguided belief that traffic tickets immediately cause your insurance premium to rise. A single ticket does not necessarily more money for the insurance company. There are other factors that determine an increase. Claims against your auto policy is more likely to cause your rates to skyrocket due to the fact that the carrier must pay out, which affects the companies profitability. But as a driver collects more tickets, he or she is more likely to cost the insurance company money, so premiums will rise.

Here are some links to help you drive more safely and avoid getting traffic tickets: