It is unfortunate, but many parents will find themselves in this situation sometime in their child’s lives. Your tear-filled daughter will approach you one evening, usually clutching her smart phone or laptop.  She will tremble as she shows you the horrifically mean, totally out of bounds, unbelievably nasty posts about her that are sailing across social media.

Maybe someone created a Facebook group to bash her. Maybe they posted a video telling her to harm herself.  Maybe a “not so flattering” photo of her was making the rounds between the student body of her school. Cyber-Bulling can take many forms.

As a parent you are responsible to protect your child, but cyber-bullying is an entirely new frontier.  There is no end to what “Cyber-Bullying” can do to a child’s reputation, their self-image and worth. And removing the damaging information is difficult … it takes on a life of it’s own, it grows and permeates all aspects of your life, 24 x7”.

And insanely, Cyber-bulling is not just something that effects students. It can happen to anyone at any age and can occur in the workplace; as an aspect of team sports or in the neighborhood or community that you live in.

Your first response is to make it stop, and then attempt to erase all of the damage that occurred as a result of it. You want to “make it go away and become whole again.” But that can be an expensive endeavor.  You might need to pay for cyber security consultants, psychiatric services, rest and recuperation expenses, lost salary, temporary relocation services, education expenses and professional public relations services.

So I was delighted to discover recently that Chubb Insurance has added cyber bullying coverage to its U.S. Masterpiece Family Protection policy to help cover clients and their families from the expenses associated with a cyber-bullying incident. It is a $70 add on to their existing policy.

According to an article in Insurance Journal Magazine, Christie Alderman, vice president, Client Product & Service, Chubb Personal Risk Services: “Cyber bullying, including online threats and harassment, can damage the reputation of a homeowner or their child reputation, and cause financial loss and emotional harm.  The new cyber bullying coverage provides up to $60,000 in compensation to clients and family members for expenses related to harassment and intimidation committed via personal computers, telephones or mobile devices.

Chubb’s Masterpiece Family Protection policy includes an array of coverages to help families recover and protect themselves from perils including stalking threats, carjacking, home invasion, air rage, hijacking and child abduction.”

Policyholders who receive this coverage are covered for the following cyber-bullying instances:

  • False arrest
  • Wrongful termination
  • Wrongful discipline in an educational institution\
  • Diagnosed debilitating shock
  • Mental anguish or mental injury leading to the inability of the client or a family member to attend school or work for more than a week.

Although the coverage is currently only available in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, it is slated to be slowly rolled out across the country. The company expects to offer it "in the near future" in New Jersey, subject to approval by the state insurance regulator.

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