It happens so suddenly. You are cruising along in your auto, humming to your favorite song on the radio, and a split second later, you are wondering what happened?  Is everyone alright? and did I do something to cause this? Auto accidents usually occur quickly, without warning and often the sequence of events gets muddled in the aftermath. Was it my fault? Was it the other driver’s fault? Recollection of what exactly happened can be impossible.

Police arrive, all involved parties and witnesses tell their side of the story. Wait? What? The other driver claims it was my fault. I don’t remember it that way.

This is just one reason, why I am advocating and strongly suggesting that my clients consider investing in a Dashcam. A dashcam or dashboard camera is a continuous loop mounted video camera that records the view through a vehicle's front windshield. Dashcams can be attached directly onto the inside of the vehicle (glass or dashboard) and removed when exiting your auto.  It may be attached to the interior windscreen or mounted to the top of the auto's dashboard. Prices for these devices can run as low as $100, up to around $1,000 and can be purchased from dozens of retailers and online sources, including amazon.

Although reasonably new to the U.S. auto market (Police and Mass Transportation Departments have embraced and made great strides in installing Dashcams in their cruisers and buses over the last five years), Dashcams have become standard hardware in European and Asian automobiles  due to an escalating amount of accident/fraud. Pedestrians will quite literally walk up to vehicles and bounce off of hoods pretending to be struck. If you search “Russian Dashcam Scams” on YouTube, hundreds of videos will emerge.

There are many reasons why dashcams are becoming an indispensable necessity in automobiles. Below is a list of the major reasons why you should strongly consider adding it as an accessory to your autos.

THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY -  When attempting to prove that you have been wronged, the best evidence is video footage of what transpired. Being able to show positive proof of your innocence will exempt you from liability and fault, which can effect your auto insurance rates. It can also help to accelerate your claim with your insurance carrier.

TICKET DISMISSED! - The police officer pulls you over and insists that you were breaking the law. He issues you a ticket. It is your word against his and often, the police officer will win. Dashcams have been used in various court proceedings as defendant's evidence of innocence.

REVIEW YOUR TEENAGERS DRIVING SKILLS - Every parents worries about their child's well-being once they leave home with the car, especially if they have friends along for the ride. A dashcam is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on your teenagers driving skills. Footage can be reviewed with the driver each day to see where they need improvement, taking chances and being dangerous. Plus knowing that the dashcam is recording their every move, helps teenagers to be aware that their parents are "watching" and they better be extra cautious.

KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR UNATTENDED VEHICLE - Have you ever returned to your car and found that it had been hit while you left it in a parking lot, but no one left a note? Or maybe someone broke into your car, or smashed a window with a baseball and took off? Dashcams have the ability to tape activity while your car is parked. This can help prove fault if you need to submit and insurance claim.

TANKS, METEORITES, CAR CHASES, OH MY! I have provided some YouTube links below that show some fascinating dashcam footage. From Army Tanks crossing a highway; to people attempting insurance fraud by claiming to have been hit by a car; to meteorites soaring above the Russian skies. Dashcams have the ability to capture some amazing footage of what can occur when you are simply driving down the highway.

Currently there are no auto insurance discounts available in the United States for dashcam ownership. But as with airbags, car alarms and other safety equipment, there is a belief that within a year or two, adding a dashcam to your automobile will lead to a discount on your auto insurance.