I know that you read the headline to my blog and thought, “who is he kidding? He’s just another insurance agent trying to get me to purchase something that I absolutely do not need.  Next he will try to sell me space travel insurance.”

 But before you snicker, here are some truly alarming, very recent facts that support the statement above:

  • According to U.S. Geological Survey data, January and February 2016 recorded SEVEN low magnitude earthquakes in TWO months. In 2015 we had FIVE total for the entire 12-month period.
  • From the year 2000 through the year 2015, the New York Tri-State area experienced over 40 earthquakes that registered 2.0 or below in a 15-year time span.
  • From the year 1900 to 1999, the New York area experienced a total of 35 minor tremors in a 100-year time-frame.

According to geologist Alexander Gates of Rutgers University, the seismic activity in this region has been increasing steadily over the decades and he has predicted that the trend will strengthen to more numerous quakes at a higher seismic level. A March 2nd,  Wall Street Journal article highlighted the following fact: “Earthquakes tend to come in cycles, and activity in the region started growing in 2001 as tracked by the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences at Rutgers.” To be sure, geologists and other earthquake experts have long warned about the possibility of a significant earthquake in the region.


  • Damaging earthquakes hit the region in 1737 and 1884, the latter registering a magnitude 5.5, according to the Geological Survey. The 1884 earthquake caused walls to collapse, chimneys to crack and buildings to sway in the Tri-State area, according to news accounts at the time.
  • On August 23rd, 2011  a 5.2 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia could be felt as far away as Quebec. The aftermath was a structural crack that climbed the National Monument in Washington D.C., resulting in it’s structural instability and it's closure for over 2 years.
  • The Butler N.J. Police Department received over 1,000 phone calls on February 21st 2016, after a 1.1 magnitude quake rocked the region. The town lies almost directly on the Ramapo Fault Line which runs 185 miles through Pennsylvania, the northern counties of New Jersey, and downstate New York.

According to the New Jersey State Department of Banking and Insurance, very few property owners have Earthquake Insurance.  Christine O’Brien, President of the Insurance Council of New Jersey has recently stated that residents should discuss Earthquake Insurance Options with their insurance agents.

Keep in mind that a standard homeowners policy does NOT cover any damage caused by an Earthquake. If you would like to insure your home for earthquake damage, we can help! We offer unique stand‐alone earthquake insurance coverage that supplements your homeowners policy.

For your safety I included a link below to our EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS AND DISASTER PAGE:

For more information concerning earthquakes in the New York/New Jersey Area;

  • U.S. Geology Service: http://earthquake.usgs.gov
  • Wall Street Journal Report: http://www.wsj.com/articles/uptick-in-small-earthquakes-stirs-fears-in-new-york-area-145696422

To talk to an insurance expert concerning the need for earthquake insurance: