Have you ever viewed the movie “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon? Jack plays the role of C.C. Baxter,  an insurance executive. To have him explain his career in his own words: “I work for an insurance company - Consolidated Life of New York. We're one of the top five companies in the country. Our home office has 31,259 employees, … I work on the 19th floor. Ordinary Policy Department, Premium Accounting Division, Section W, desk number 861."  You can imagine the accompanying visual on your own, rows of desks, filing cabinets, adding machines, men in thin ties, Oxford shoes, Hickey Freeman suits.

And not surprisingly, this is exactly how many people perceive what the day to day is like in the insurance industry . Constant drudgery, spreadsheets, the drone of ticking clocks. A snooze-fest. Why would anyone want to chose to enter the field of insurance?

  • Today, February 1st marks the first annual and inaugural, "Insurance Careers Month",a cross-industry, multi-phased initiative designed to raise awareness of the dynamic career opportunities in the risk management and insurance profession and to recruit the next generation of industry leaders.” In the next six years, the insurance industry will need to fill over 500,000 new jobs due to trade growth and retirement. Many students are opting not to enter the field of insurance because the perception of the industry is simply that it is boring, stagnating and "not cool." Nothing but numbers. But that is simply, not true.

In the United States alone, over $420 billion in GDP is generated from the insurance industry. It is one of the most stable, expanding, innovative and rewarding vocations an individual can commit to. Over 2.6 million driven professionals have chosen insurance as their career path and only a small portion of those jobs are spent behind a desk, in front of a computer.

Beyond the misconception of constant ledgers and excel spreadsheets, the insurance industry employees a variety of disciplines: Sales Associates, Risk Managers and Actuaries,  Computer I.T. Specialists. Social Media and Marketing Gurus, Human Resource and Development Coordinators, and Claims Adjusters.

And insurance is one of the few remaining disciplines that is not downsizing. It is full of limitless growth prospects and upward mobility. Evey year new niches present themselves that are in need of insurance support from driver-less cars and unmanned drones to climate change and cyber warfare.

The insurance industry welcomes all interested individuals, regardless of background. Students who have received their High School diplomas but have no desire to continue their formal education via college, can find a solid career in insurance. If you are interested in learning more about how to take the first steps in insurance, the links below will help to guide you.

I have been in the insurance industry for over 35 years and I have never regretted a single moment of it. I own my own agency, serve on many industry committees and find each day to be rewarding and exciting. #insurancecareersmonth

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