Unfortunately, many times, when you read headlines about the topic of  "insurance',  the articles are often told with a negative slant. Hurricane Sandy, health insurance woes, floods and fires ...  these stories are accompanied by the downside:  claims not paid, premiums jacked up, confusion as to what polices do and do not cover. If you Google "Insurance Headlines", the top hits can often be unfavorable.

But as with most news stories, you never get to hear about the upside, the positive, the “good.” I want to share with you some of the success stories of my business and my agency in 2015 …  What we are “proud of”.

Because honestly, most of the daily occurrences that give us the greatest satisfaction and pride, most policyholders will never hear about.

Our Forward Thinking, Truly Caring, Always Concerned, Attitude Towards Our Clients – The average retention/attrition rate of an agency the size of Warwick Resource Group is 370 lost personal lines policies a year. That is the industry national average. Our agency rate is significantly less than 50. That is an outstanding statistic and one that I am extremely proud of. And the reason for our ability to hold onto our policyholders is simple, our Customer Account Executives are always looking out for their clients. We “Re-market, Re-examine, and Re-Consider to Retain”, and that philosophy and work-ethic benefits our policyholders greatly. One recent client saved over $1,200 a year on auto insurance, because 'Allison" his Account Representative took it upon herself to hunt for the coverage and the rate that she felt he deserved. The client brought in Dunkin' Donuts for everyone because he was so thrilled, but he didn't need to do that. The satisfaction came from a job well done. That is why our business exists, to work on behalf of our clients.

We fight “tooth and nail” to secure our customers fair claims compensation – Insurance is only as good as it’s ability to pay, and one of the major reasons that clients choose to utilize an insurance agency to handle their insurance needs, is our ability to fight on their behalf when a claim is filed. At Warwick Resource Group our staff includes a “Claims Advocate” who assists and crusades for all of our clients. Her mixture of compassion, insurance knowledge, fairness and relentlessness is a perfect mix. Her success stories are numerous, from fighting for a family that lost all of their possessions in a flood, to calming a young girl who was upset due to a recent car accident. To her, customers are like family, and she will do what she needs to to protect her family.

WRG and Libke Associates: Perfect Together  – Often in the tumultuous world of insurance, the melding of two agencies can be turbulent ...  acquisitions, hostile takeovers and restructurings, clients needs can get lost in the shuffle. Last year we began a partnership with a west coast insurance agency, Libke Associates and I am amazed at how seamlessly it has come together. Our staff is working together developing S-O-P and workflow procedures that will only add additional benefits for our clients. The joining of the agencies will create more insurance carrier choices, possibilities and opportunities.  I am so very proud on how our staff has stuck through the "bumps" and looked for solutions to make our new association stronger.

Tirelessly Volunteering to Improve the Industry - An insurance agency is more than just a brick and mortar building with computers, files and desks. It is part of a network of agencies, insurance carriers, and support systems that reinforce and promote the industry as a whole. My partners and I, travel the country, serving on boards, (such as NetVu, P.IA. and Acord)  sitting on committees, writing policy ... all  in on order to offer our clients the most updated insurance coverage; develop state of the art security systems and keep insurance rates fair and reasonable. My brother, Keith has been known to hop off of a plane at Newark Airport after a week of grueling travel, jump into his car and arrive at the Mahwah Baseball Field ready to help coach his sons evening games. Is he exhausted, yes, but it is important to keep the independent insurance industry moving forward.

The Humanity of Community - we never lose sight of the fact that although we are are expanding our offices and reach across the country, our roots are still embedded in the community. Our staff is still on a first name basis with our customers, who will often simply stop by our offices to chat, or check-in. Recently an elderly client was on his way to say goodbye to an old friend. He wanted to wear a suit and tie, but when he went to place the tie around his neck he realized that his arthritis prevented him from tying it properly. He stopped by our offices asking if someone could help him. While Nancy did the honors, he remarked to everyone that he had been coming into WRG for over 50 years, and whatever tragedy occurred over his lifetime, whenever he needed "help" this was always the place that he would turn to.

Simple little stories and moments like that, are what I am most proud of when I enter the front door of my building each morning.