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CONE! Road Crews are Back on our Rural Roads and Nation’s Highways.

post image Ahhhh Spring! Finally, the snow and salt are gone, the car has been washed and waxed and after weeks of Netflix marathons, you are ready to head out to the open road.  You cannot wait to push the accelerator, tune into your favorite songs and feel the wind in your hair. Watch out! Beware the big orange cone! Spring means many things, the robins return, the ice cream shops re-open and road crews are blocking lanes. It is a necessary evil. Winter can be brutal with potholes popping up, corrosion of overpasses and bridges, and erosion in safety lanes. The roadways need to be fixed for your safety and mine and many road crews put their lives in your hands when they step out onto the asphalt. But on a recent trip, I happened to notice that many drivers are ignoring or forgetting some of the rules, regulations, laws and common sense learning that coincides with “sharing the road.” So, a quick refresher on road safety inside and outside of work zones: *THE PROBLEM OF POT HOLES: Just a few inc ...
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55 miles per hour, a chunk of steel 60 feet ahead in the roadway

post image We have all encountered it. A beautiful sunny afternoon, cruising down the highway at 55mph, window open, radio on and suddenly … a 10 foot piece of scrap metal is looming in front of you, directly in your path, right in the center of your travel lane. Do you swerve to avoid it, cutting off the  car that is in the next lane? Do you slam on your brakes and pray that the tractor trailer on your tail does not rear end you? Do you just hit it and pray that I does not destroy your undercarriage or become airborne and smash through a windshield. AAA has recently released the following statistics concerning roadway litter: *Since 2001, roadway accidents involving debris have escalated by 40%. *Every year over 50,000 crashes are due to cars avoiding roadway litter. *125 people die a year, more than 500 deaths between 2011 and 2014 *0ver 39,000 injuries  are the direct result of refuse in the roadway. Why the upswing? Multiple Reasons: 1. The Closing of Eisenhower Interstate Highway Sys ...
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What do you mean my flight was cancelled? Travel Insurance Don't Leave Home Without It!

post image Like the seasons, it happens certain times of the year; Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays, summer vacations, oncoming hurricanes and blizzards.  Usually you will see a news blurb or sound bite of a news reporter, stationed at a metropolitan airport or a train station, microphone in hand, interviewing a frustrated traveler about cancelled flights, missed vacations and delays. Vacationers and businessmen trying to get to their destination, spending hours stranded in airports and train terminals. Last week there was a major glitch in the Delta Airlines computer network that lead to the cancellation of hundreds of flights across the country and internationally. People scrambled to re-book on other airlines to find a way to get off of the ground and get home. Some lost a day or two of vacation, missed connecting flights and missed some major milestones such as family weddings. I will guarantee you that many of the airline passengers that were waiting for flights in airports around the country were looking ...
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