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Something You Need to Think About When Sending Your Child to College

post image For High School Seniors, February and March are usually crunch time for making decisions on where they will be spending the next four years of their lives. If they are college bound, they will be heading to their new campuses in less than six months.Per the National Center for Education Statistics, 20.7 million students are expected to enroll at universities in the United States, for September 2017, 13.3 million will be living away from home studying and attending at four year colleges. Now is the time for choosing a college, finding a residence hall, looking for compatible roommates, chasing financial aid, and making endless lists of everything you will need to remember before you drop off your child and wave goodbye. But something to keep in mind and add to that endless list of things to do in the next few months; think about college and how it effects your insurance. 1. AUTO INSURANCE  – Whether your child takes his car to school, or leaves it home, it is always a wise idea to keep your c ...
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But He Just Entered Kindergarten! Insurance Tips for Students Leaving For College

post image I am sure that you feel like I am rushing things. I understand that your child has barely taken off his cap and gown and the high school diploma has not been framed and hung in the family room yet; but it is the second week of July and time is moving forward.  In less than six weeks, he will be heading off to college lugging pillows and comforters, stockpiles of shampoo and Axe Spray. Making checklists and searching the aisles of Walmart and Target for printer paper, bathroom cleaner and posters to decorate the dorm walls. You might think you have everything completed the day you leave the driveway and head towards the next four years of your child’s life. But you may be forgetting something.  What about insurance? Most people do not consider the insurance ramifications of sending a child off to live away from home. But it is a life-altering event and insurance plays a part in making sure that he is protected and secure when he is out of your sight. There are two specific insurance p ...
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