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Proof Positive that The Industry is Working in Clients Favor. 

post image Sometimes it seems like the insurance industry receives an inordinate amount of negative press. Tales of excruciatingly lengthy procedures and consumer unhappiness are often found in the headlines, while the stories of client satisfaction, industry compassion and professionals working in favor of their customers’ best interest are often buried or non-existent. So, when the annual J. D. Power U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study, was released on March 1st, I felt a great sense of pride for my chosen field and the entire industry. After a 10 year rise in catastrophic events in the United States, over-all customer satisfaction rate in homeowner claims has hit an all-time high. Greg Hoeg, Vice President of U.S. insurance operations at J.D. Power was delighted to report that, “Following the significant declines in customer satisfaction found in the 2016 study, property and casualty insurers have redoubled their efforts to improve the settlement process and fine-tune their customer intera ...
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An industry that will need to fill over 500,000 jobs in 5 years.

post image January is the time of the calendar year when people begin to make plans. For high school seniors, it is an awakening … after almost 13 years in the school system, they must begin to consider what path to choose to walk the day after their June Graduation. Some students are looking at college, be it four year or community. Some are choosing trade school, to learn a craft. Others are entering the workforce. And there are those teenagers who do not have a solid plan for what will happen to them once they remove their cap and gown. Maybe the cost of college is too prohibitive. Maybe they have simply had it with school and they do not wish to continue classroom learning. But whatever the situation, we want them to have the best future possible, and many young adults have no clue as to what careers are out there.  They need guidance. I work in an industry that will need to fill over 500,000 jobs in the next 5 years. A booming business that continues to grow and flourish and expand over time. Nothi ...
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Special Leap Year Edition: What changed, what remains.

post image I wanted this week’s blog to be a bit different and special since I am posting it on Monday February 29th. 2016 is a “Leap Year” and today is the extra day. Personally my thoughts on Leap Year are very practical. I always wondered “why” if you are going to add an extra day to the year, would you want to add it in February. Wouldn’t an extra day in June or July, when the weather is so much nicer be more welcome? I doubt that anyone wants to extend the month of February, (doesn’t almost everyone root for the groundhog to NOT see his shadow, and spring to arrive early?). Seems like bad planning or the decision of someone who loves winter and to ski. But since the last February 29th was in 2012, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on what has changed in my agency since the last time we, “leaped”. Four years ago, my company Warwick Resource Group was a three office, independent insurance agency with our headquarters in Warwick, NY. We were ...
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Why I would recommend a career in the insurance industry to students

post image Have you ever viewed the movie “The Apartment” with Jack Lemmon? Jack plays the role of C.C. Baxter,  an insurance executive. To have him explain his career in his own words: “I work for an insurance company - Consolidated Life of New York. We're one of the top five companies in the country. Our home office has 31,259 employees, … I work on the 19th floor. Ordinary Policy Department, Premium Accounting Division, Section W, desk number 861."  You can imagine the accompanying visual on your own, rows of desks, filing cabinets, adding machines, men in thin ties, Oxford shoes, Hickey Freeman suits. And not surprisingly, this is exactly how many people perceive what the day to day is like in the insurance industry . Constant drudgery, spreadsheets, the drone of ticking clocks. A snooze-fest. Why would anyone want to chose to enter the field of insurance? Today, February 1st marks the first annual and inaugural, "Insurance Careers Month", &ldqu ...
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Warwick Resource Group: Half of the things we are proud of; our clients never know about….

post image Unfortunately, many times, when you read headlines about the topic of  "insurance',  the articles are often told with a negative slant. Hurricane Sandy, health insurance woes, floods and fires ...  these stories are accompanied by the downside:  claims not paid, premiums jacked up, confusion as to what polices do and do not cover. If you Google "Insurance Headlines", the top hits can often be unfavorable. But as with most news stories, you never get to hear about the upside, the positive, the “good.” I want to share with you some of the success stories of my business and my agency in 2015 …  What we are “proud of”. Because honestly, most of the daily occurrences that give us the greatest satisfaction and pride, most policyholders will never hear about. Our Forward Thinking, Truly Caring, Always Concerned, Attitude Towards Our Clients – The average retention/attrition rate of an agency the size of Warwick Resource Group is 370 lost personal l ...
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7 Simple Insurance Tips from a Long Time "Seasoned" Insurance Professional

post image Everyone is rushed. Each day people are constantly fighting the clock and dashing through their day, crossing chores off of their checklist and scrambling to get things done. The problem with the modern speed of life, is that every responsibility is not created equal. Consumers can sometimes equate purchasing insurance with signing up for cable service or making an appointment for the dog groomer. I call it the “One and Done” mindset. Purchasing insurance, whether for personal use (auto, home, life, umbrella, flood) or business requires much more than filling out a simple application and clicking “YES”. It is not a “one size fits all” proposition. In my 30 plus years in the industry, I have experienced consumers who have told me stories of bad decisions that they have made when it came to purchasing insurance. So I thought this might be a good opportunity to give you some advice from a longtime “seasoned” insurance advocate. TO GET THE BEST COVERAGE YOU N ...
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Looking Outside the Box for the Next Insurance Professional

A retail marketer, a building industry professional, a former operations manager for a well-known financial institution … not what you’d expect the expertise of your staff to possess under the roof of your insurance agency. Back in the day, individuals who entered the field of insurance, generally did so after graduation. They chose a career in the insurance industry, began their training and spent 40 years on a specific focused track until the day that a gold watch was presented and they retired to a sunny destination. They had a single mindset, a single experience and that led to many agencies moving forward down the same avenue; exploring the same possibilities; thinking alike. But the recession of the last five years and ongoing layoffs, have forced many individuals to rethink their career paths and look for opportunities that exist outside of their trained industry. I saw this as a possibility to broaden my agency and turn the situation into a positive for everyone. The gentleman ...
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Making the Difference In the Life of a Student

Every Spring, when the school system begins to gear up for High School Graduation, there is huge amount of celebration and announcements concerning the Senior Class. In the lead up to the ceremony, the local community publishes a list of Universities and Trade Schools that the graduates are going to attend in the fall. And although the school systems generally do a fine job in preparing children to move onto higher education, there is a segment of every class that is at a loss what to do after the diploma is handed to them. Maybe they cannot afford the crushing cost of college tuition.   Maybe sitting in a classroom and learning for four more years is just not something they aspire to.  Maybe they lack direction because there is no one there to steer them.  One of the worst things that can happen is that they end up making poor choices or do nothing. Realizing that there is a need to give these young adults some direction, and combining it with the statistic that over 400,000 jobs in t ...
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The Branch Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree … Watching my Son Dominick Entering the World of Business

There is a saying that “we are our parents.” I see so much of myself in my son Dominick. We have the same spirit. The same drive.

 Dominick is 16 years old and entering his junior year. He is the type of student that thrives in the more physical curriculum of his high school. His passion is constructing, creating and improving his surroundings. He wants to build a better world, one brick at a time.

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Insurance: What Changes, What Endures

post image On the second floor of our corporate headquarters, at the top of the stairs, a framed document is mounted to the wall outside of our Commercial Lines Division.  It is faded and yellowed after existing more than a century, slightly creased, lightly tattered, but still in excellent condition. It is an original insurance policy signed by John Wheeler Sanford, himself. John W. Sanford is the founder of our company, John W. Sanford & Son, Inc. Our companies’ roots date back to the 1860’s when John and his father George, added Fire Insurance to their real estate ventures. The policy was purchased through the “German-American Insurance Company of New York”, which was founded in 1872 by William F. Heins with $1 million dollars in Capital. (As an interesting aside, in 1918, the German-American Insurance Company changed their name to the Great American Insurance Company due to anti-German sentiment that arose in the United States and abroad during World War 1.) The framed po ...
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