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TIME TO CELEBRATE! Making sure all of your guests get home safely.

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The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years are filled with revelry, celebration and good spirits. This is the time of the year that many homeowners enjoy playing “host” and inviting their friends over to enjoy fine foods, social conversation and toast to good times. I want you to have a great time and rejoice in the season, but I also want to give you some tips, some simple precautions to ensure that everyone has fun and remains safe. No accidents, no tragedies, no litigation is the goal. Remember as the host, you are responsible for the well-being of your guests, especially if alcohol is being served.

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Halloween ... I don't want you to have any regrets (other than eating too much chocolate).

post image The town that I live in, Warwick, NY is a truly festive place during autumn. Throngs of tourists visit to run through corn mazes and pick apples, Warwick hosts one of the largest street fairs in the country with "Applefest" and Halloween is considered one of the highlights of harvest season with a parade through the village and cider and donuts for all in the Railroad Green Park. But with every frightful haunted house visit and every kid in a costume, running across a front lawn seeking candy, there are always issues of safety and liability. (And no, I am not attempting to spoil your fun ... I love Halloween. It's just that "life happens" and I thought this might be a good time to for a quick reminder on keeping everybody safe, before the kids are let loose to terrorize and seek treats). NINE IMPORTANT SAFETY TIPS TO KEEP YOUR HALLOWEEN FROM TURNING INTO A HORROR SHOW: HAUNTED MANSIONS AND SLAUGHTERHOUSES: I will never forget three decades ago, when a group of thrill-seekers perished in a Haunted House at ...
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One of the most important insurance policies you will ever own .... that many people overlook

True story. Two families lived next to each other for years. The teenagers were best friends since preschool and grew up side-by-side. The mothers were in the PTA and played Bunco every Tuesday night. The fathers golfed in the summer, coached travel hockey in the winter. Holidays, BBQ's and Sunday afternoon Giants games were shared, as the children grew and the years rolled on. One day, when the kids were in high school, they decided to go to an outdoor concert. One of the teenagers grabbed the keys and got behind the wheel of his dad's car. On the way,  a horrific auto accident occurred. Everyone involved was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center for severe trauma.  Luckily, for both families, their children survived the crash, but it took many months of hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation for the teens to return to normal.   What began as a unified group of friends and family pulling together to make the kids heal, started slowly unraveling as the hospital bills started arrivi ...
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When wildfire hits so close to home ...

Many of you know, in 2014 Warwick Resource Group had entered into a partnership with Libke Insurance Associates of Washington State. Our west coast partners have become “family”, over the last year, as we have been working in conjunction to bring our agencies under one inclusive insurance roof. We were quite alarmed recently when three of the Libke offices were in danger of being damaged or consumed by wildfire, including the west coast headquarters in Wenatchee. Some of our staff were also in danger of losing their own homes. This is highly unusual as Washington is known for it’s cool, moist weather, even during the summer months. The entire Pacific Northwest is undergoing a record drought with oppressive temperatures and as of the end of summer, the state had experienced over 320 separate wildfires. According to the NOAA, January – August, 2015 was one of the worst periods in the history of the United States for Wildfires. Over 43,819 fires, burned 8,202,557 acres (most on ...
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Carbon Monoxide - Over 15,000 Individuals are Poisoned Every Year

One morning very soon, we will wake up and a chill will be in the air, frost will cover the grass and we will be able to see our breath. Many homeowners will rise from bed and hit the thermostat, stock a pellet or wood burning stove with fuel, or start a gas-powered generator, to heat up their homes. But while these families go through the chores of their day, some will be unaware that a silent, deadly toxin is invading and slowly filling their homes: Carbon Monoxide.  Scary statistics - According to the CDC:   At least 15,000 individuals are sent to the emergency room every year due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. At least 439 people die of unintentional, non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning every year, new CDC statistics show. But that number does not represent the entire total, only 13 states require doctors to report carbon monoxide related deaths. And not surprisingly, most carbon deaths and injuries occur during the months of January and December when the weather is ...
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Before You Let A Contractor Hammer A Single Nail ....

When the weather turns warmer and summer arrives, homeowners naturally begin thinking of home improvements … an extra bedroom, a two-car garage, and a sunroom. But a big dream can become an exhausting nightmare if you do not do your homework first.  Before you allow anyone onto your property or hire someone to hammer a nail, the smartest advice an insurance agent can tell you is, take the time to do some preliminary investigating. A good friend began a major renovation on a historic home. He hired a contractor based on a referral and began discussing the scope of the project.  One element that was included in the restoration was the replacement of the homes multitude of custom windows. Eighteen semi-custom Kolbe windows were ordered for the home at a price of almost $30,000. At the end of the contractor’s workday, the supplier arrived  to deliver the windows. One of the workers on the job site, instructed the deliveryman to stack the windows on the side of the house until the n ...
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FIREWORKS: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

Each summer, in the weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, nightly news reports will inevitably show enthusiastic firecracker fans accidentally blowing off fingers and toes because they take it upon themselves to entertain family and friends with fireworks. Accompanying the reports are usually statistics of emergency room visits, severe burns and even deaths. The State of New York, recently legalized the sale of “small fireworks or sparkling devices” in some of the counties north of New York City in the weeks leading up to July 4th.  (Fireworks are still illegal in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut).  Time will tell if this new legislation will lead to a huge spike in the statistics.  I have included a list of safety tips, below, so that you do not become an “emergency room” patient. One of the statistics that is almost never reported on the news is rather amazing. Independence Day is typically the busiest day of the year for fires, and approximately 20,000 f ...
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Save Yourself From Grief. This is the Perfect Time To Review Your Insurance Policies

It may seem strange, while cleaning out your gutters from winter debris and seeding your lawn for spring, to think about the possible damage you may have from storms and floods in the coming months. But now is the idyllic time to check your homeowners, flood and umbrella policies to make sure that your coverage is complete. The biggest (and most frequent) mistake most policyholders make, is to check their insurance policies AFTER a disaster occurs, which is a time filled with stress and confusion. Below are some tips that may help you to manage the process of filing an insurance claim, BEFORE you need do so, and WHEN you need to do so….  Leave the Damage For the Claims Adjuster to Witness - It is vitally important that the accident area not be cleaned up and fixed. You should secure the area from any further damage and further deterioration, but only make necessary fixes.  A claims adjuster needs to witness the damage in order to correctly and accurately list all the destruction ...
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Getting Married? Vacationing? Does my Homeowners Policy Cover My Jewelry and Collectibles?

With Mother’s Day, wedding season and family vacation getaways on the horizon, it is the optimal time to explore if your insurance policies cover your irreplaceable treasures … jewelry, furs, antiques and collectibles. All insurance policies should be checked on annual basis to make sure the information contained in the policy is accurate, correct and covers your current “life situation.”

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Mold. Something so small, that can damage your home so completely.

It is finally here. Spring has arrived. The ice on your roof and yard has finally disappeared, the snow is gone and you are certainly ready to get out in the yard and clean up, plant flowers, enjoy sitting on your deck.

But before you pick up your shovel and bring out the lawnmower, you may want to check your house for moisture. Snow and ice melt often equate to wet conditions in the walls, under the carpets, between the insulation, under the paneling and throughout the basement.  It is vital that you dry the water in your home because mold can begin growing in wet spots in as little as 24 hours.
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