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Snow Storm Preparation

Five Futuristic and Fantastic Insurance Apps That Will Save You Time

post image In the insurance industry, as well as in the Boy Scouts of America organization, the motto is  "Be Prepared". And honestly when talking about insurance, the following statements are true: The time to prepare for a possible insurance claim is long before the accident occurs. The time to get ready for impending storm is before the first flake or drop falls. The time to inventory your luxury items, jewelry and collectibles is before someone breaks into your home. But most of us are so over extended time-wise: That finding a moment to file sales receipts and appraisals, take photographs and record everything in a notebook or on computer can be daunting. That preparing  for an upcoming storm or natural disaster is done on the fly with the minutes counting down. That planning for a "possible" issue with your car, is almost impossible and handled as you are standing on the side of the highway searching for help. Step in "Modern Technology".  The insurance ...
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Happy First Day of Winter ... Where is the Snow?

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So far, Winter Weather in the northeast has consisted mostly of heavy frosts and wind storms. I know it is bizarre to think about a topic such as Winter Weather Preparedness in one of the warmest Decembers on record. I can hear the hum of motorcycles from my office as I compose this. But an any point the tide can turn and we can be buried under four feet of blizzard. Today is only the first day of winter. And being prepared for winter begins BEFORE the first flake falls.

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Carbon Monoxide - Over 15,000 Individuals are Poisoned Every Year

One morning very soon, we will wake up and a chill will be in the air, frost will cover the grass and we will be able to see our breath. Many homeowners will rise from bed and hit the thermostat, stock a pellet or wood burning stove with fuel, or start a gas-powered generator, to heat up their homes. But while these families go through the chores of their day, some will be unaware that a silent, deadly toxin is invading and slowly filling their homes: Carbon Monoxide.  Scary statistics - According to the CDC:   At least 15,000 individuals are sent to the emergency room every year due to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. At least 439 people die of unintentional, non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning every year, new CDC statistics show. But that number does not represent the entire total, only 13 states require doctors to report carbon monoxide related deaths. And not surprisingly, most carbon deaths and injuries occur during the months of January and December when the weather is ...
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Winter Weather Preparedness 12/14/13-12/15/13

There's a Winter Storm watch that's been issued for Orange County, NY.  The snow is expected to start tonight around midnight, and taper off before Sunday morning. This is the time of year when it pays to be prepared.  By this time of year, I mean, the Nor'Easter time of year!  Snow storms can wreak havoc on everything from freezing the pipes in your home, knocking out power lines, and making driving conditions treacherous!  As an Insurance Specialist, it is my job to make sure folks are informed and educated on how to be prepared.  My Digital Insurance Office has a special page dedicated to Winter Weather.  There's a live weather feed and tips on how to stay safe and what you need to do to prepare. There's so many things to think about to avoid damage to your home, vehicle, and surrounding area.  A couple things to consider when a winter storm is approaching: 1.  Make sure you have a good family communication plan. Make sure you have someone in your cell phone as ...
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